3Roots is located east of Camino Santa Fe and south of Mira Mesa Blvd. The property is roughly 413-acres, of which 218 acres were part of an active quarry previously owned and operated by Hanson Aggregates for nearly 25 years.  Active material extraction ceased in 2016 and reclamation efforts are ongoing.

Directly to the east is a second, unrelated, active aggregate quarry operation owned and operated by Vulcan Materials; the 270-acre site is proposed for future mixed-use development.

Nested within the Mira Mesa Community Plan is the approved Carroll Canyon Master Plan. The first phase of the Carroll Canyon Master Plan included the 900,000 sq. ft. employment center known as Fenton Technology Park. 3Roots is the second phase and completes the Master Plan. 


The planned 1,800 residential units, including 10% affordable on-site rental opportunities, include a variety of housing options; from small lot, single-family detached homes to attached homes and rental apartments. These new homes will be supported by 160,000 sq. ft. of neighborhood-serving commercial uses, such as restaurants, retail and lifestyle amenities, and provides much-needed housing for the City of San Diego proximate to regional job centers of Sorrento Valley, UTC and MCAS Miramar.

In order to create space for Mira Mesa’s third community park, Mesa Canyon Community Partners is seeking an update to the Plan to change industrial land use to open space/park use. The 25-acre Seed Park, coupled with the 18 acres of passive and active parks throughout 3Roots San Diego, doubles the amount of park acreage originally conceived in the 1994 Carroll Canyon Master Plan.

In addition, a 1.5-acre Mobility Hub is proposed and is planned to provide pick up and drop off staging areas for both public transportation systems as well as private multimodal transportation options, such as employer shuttles and rideshare services. There is also potential for a future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station which could provide direct connections to Mira Mesa and Sorrento Valley, connections to University Towne Center (UTC), transfers to the Mid-Coast Trolley, and access to the east and additional transit options along Interstate 15 (I-15).

1994 Approved Carroll Canyon Master Plan 
Proposed 3Roots

3Roots is the new community planned for the former Hanson quarry. 3Roots is planned to include nearly 40 acres of parks, 8 miles of trails, a range of 1,800 new homes close to regional job centers, new restaurants, shops and gathering spaces - all amidst hundreds acres of preserved open space.