Nice to meet you!

The 3Roots team was at the D6 Night Market last night.

Attendees provided input on what they'd like to see at Seed Park, Mira Mesa's long-awaited community park at 3Roots.

Hundreds of attendees stopped by our booth to learn more about 3Roots and provide input on what they'd like to see included in Seed Park. While the park's ultimate design will be determined during a public community workshop process, the space is envisioned to include active recreation options like lit soccer, baseball and softball fields and passive areas like walking trails and picnic areas.

Did you know?? 3Roots doubles the amount of park space originally envisioned in the 1994 Carroll Canyon Community Plan. After listening to community feedback and evaluating our land plan, 3Roots is proud to dedicate 25-acres of developable land area to host, Mira Mesa's highly demanded and long awaited, third community park. Dubbed "Seed Park," (because it's shaped like a seed) both new neighbors and longtime locals to can collect, compete, and enjoy this public, community-serving element.

Read more about Parks and Trails at 3Roots.


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