Community Park Workshop 1

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

The first public park workshop to design Seed Park was held on June 12 at Salk Elementary.

Thank you to the more than 50 people who attended to share their thoughts and ideas of what kind of amenities should be included in the new, 25-acre park.

The primary goals of the meeting were to 1. collect feedback and 2. identify consistent themes for desired park features. To accomplish these goals, attendees were divided in to groups of seven to participate in the hands-on activities.

Allegra Parisi, Development Manager for 3Roots, welcomed the participants and provided an introduction to the project. Larry Ryan of RJM Design Group reviewed the process for the evening’s activities and presented background information including project information, current zoning, site analysis, opportunities and constraints, and then proceeded to facilitate the workshop activities.

The evening was broken in to three discussion points. Following group discussion, representatives from each table presented their table's top 3 answers. Then, the 3Roots team consolidated all the responses to find common themes and build consensus.

Topic 1A - What attributes/features of the existing parks in Mira Mesa do you like the most?

  • Walking paths/trails

  • Multi-sports fields

  • Comfort stations/bathrooms

  • Play area/shade structure

Topic 1B - What attributes/features of the existing parks in Mira Mesa do you like the least?

  • Lack of parking

  • Lack of comfort stations/bathrooms

  • Poor maintenance/trash

  • Lack of shade

Topic 2 - What is your vision for the proposed park?

  • Variety of activities for all ages

  • Lighted sports facilities and fields

  • Green gathering place to enjoy nature

Topic 3 - What park facilities and/or amenities would make the park an ideal place to visit?

  • Lighted playing fields/facilities

  • Recreation Center (gym, meeting/classrooms)

  • Outdoor concert/stage area

  • Walking trails/bike paths

  • Playground/play structure

  • Sufficient parking

The final activity was a hands-on design charette. Groups were given a template of the park and amenities to create their ideal parks. Check out the images below to see what they came up with!

Save the Date - August 14 with be the next step in the Park Design Process. Click here for more information.


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