3Roots is an open invitation for all to recreate, live, socialize and create memories.

3Roots is an innovative vision in Mira Mesa, in the heart of San Diego, CA. Rooted in local heritage, responsible planning and connectivity, 3Roots will transform the former Hanson Aggregates Carroll Canyon mine into a connected, mixed-use community and will provide a range of housing for all life stages which are close to regional job centers. Consistent with the approved 1994 Carroll Canyon Master Plan, 3Roots will be a welcoming and inclusive neighborhood, complete with parks, trails, a restored natural creek, neighborhood-serving retail, multi-modal transit options, and hundreds of acres of open space. 

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3Roots is the new community planned for the former Hanson quarry. 3Roots is planned to include nearly 40 acres of parks, 8 miles of trails, a range of 1,800 new homes close to regional job centers, new restaurants, shops and gathering spaces - all amidst hundreds acres of preserved open space.