More than 200 acres of preserved open space. 

As called for in the approved 1994 Carroll Canyon Master Plan, 3Roots San Diego will dedicate nearly 50% of the property as preserved open space.  Of the open space dedication, nearly 140 acres will be contributed to the City of San Diego’s Multi-Habitat Planning Area (MHPA) as part of the City's Multiple Species Conservation Program Subarea Plan.


The restoration of Carroll Canyon Creek is a key piece of the reclamation of this land for generations to enjoy. This restoration will protect, reconnect and enhance the existing creek channel for nearly three quarters of a mile. The effort includes restoring an existing underground pipe conveying creek flow to its natural, revegetated state and enhancing, preserving and, in some places, widening riparian areas and waterways along the entire length of the creek.   


Mesa Canyon Community Partners is in discussions with resource agencies, namely The US Army Corps of Engineers, US Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Regional Water Quality Control board on the design of the Creek, planting palette, hydraulic engineering, and civil engineering.


Along with environmental restoration, the creek will be opened up for public enjoyment. A public multi-use trail will be created along the edges of the creek outside the sensitive areas of habitat. 


Mesa Canyon Community Partners is actively studying how to best integrate 3Roots San Diego with the existing open space ecosystem, including studying the interface with the existing open spaces and canyons to the north and the Vernal Pools to the north and east, conducting new technical studies such as vegetation mapping, and verifying the flow line of Carroll Canyon Creek. These ongoing engineering and design efforts will ensure these unique natural resources are conserved for the public’s enjoyment. ​

3Roots is the new community planned for the former Hanson quarry. 3Roots is planned to include nearly 40 acres of parks, 8 miles of trails, a range of 1,800 new homes close to regional job centers, new restaurants, shops and gathering spaces - all amidst hundreds acres of preserved open space.