Since beginning our community outreach in 2016, we have collected the most frequently asked questions about 3Roots San Diego. This FAQs list will continue to grow as we progress through the City review and approval process.

Please email us if you have additional questions to add to this list.

Where is 3Roots? 

The 413-acre property is located east of Camino Santa Fe and approximately one-half mile south of Mira Mesa Blvd.  The property extends east to Camino Ruiz but is unrelated to the ongoing Vulcan Mining operation. 

What has changed from Hanson’s proposal for this property?

Mira Mesa Community Partners is committed to implementing the vision Hanson worked with the community to create. In order to make this vision a reality and provide the new community park, we must seek a change to the 1994 Mira Mesa Community Plan. Click here to read more. 

What is going on on the site right now? 

The site is currently undergoing reclamation. Reclamation is the process to decommission a mine. Efforts include moving dirt to prepare for the creek expansion and to create conditions suitable for future homes, roads, parks, and commercial spaces. Please email us directly at if you have additional questions regarding site reclamation. 


How does 3Roots impact existing habitat and open space in the area?

The development footprint for 3Roots is within 256 acres of land that was previous mined by Hanson Aggregates for concrete production. The proposed vision for 3Roots honors the existing adjacent habitat, with no impacts to the vernal pools or Rattle Snake Canyon. In fact, the Project exceeds the amount of Open Space called for in the approved 1994 Carroll Canyon Master Plan and dedicates nearly 50% of the property as preserved open space. Of the open space dedication, nearly 140 acres will be contributed to the City of San Diego’s Multi-Habitat Planning Area (MHPA) as part of the City's Multiple Species Conservation Program Subarea Plan. In addition, significant environmental considerations have been incorporated in to the plan for 3Roots to ensure that wildlife corridors are maintained and sensitive habitat areas, like Carroll Canyon Creek, are restored or enhanced. Click here to read more. 

What kind of public recreation opportunities will be included in 3Roots?

More than 250 acres of parks, trails, paseos and open space will create a network of outdoor spaces linking the four Districts that make up 3Roots. These connected trails and open spaces will provide a variety of passive and active recreation opportunities.

Additionally, Mira Mesa's long-awaited third Community Park will become a reality through 3Roots. Click here to read more about 3Roots parks and trails. 

What social and entertainment options are proposed for 3Roots? 

Inspired by San Diego’s “maker culture,” the Root Collective will be a mix of locally-sourced restaurants, gourmet coffee shops, boutiques, and specialty, neighborhood-serving retail, and co-working spaces. Outdoor spaces designed for afternoon lounging, book reading, impromptu concerts, and street art will be the soul of this nearly 11-acre community collective. 

The 3Roots trail and paseo system will funnel directly to the Root Collective, creating the ease of walking and biking to lifestyle amenities. Click here to read more about the Root Collective.

Will the public have access to the new neighborhood restaurants, trails and parks? 

Yes. One of the three “root” principles of 3Roots is connectivity.  Not just in the inclusion of trails, paths and bikeways, but we take seriously the responsibility of integration into our surrounding community and consider both our new residents and neighbors in every aspect of 3Roots.

For example, there are no walls separating the existing Mira Mesa community and 3Roots. The perimeter been designed to invite existing residents, near-by employees, and recreational users into 3Roots. We have also incorporated a trailhead at the end of Parkdale making it easier for residents to access 3Roots. 

How is 3Roots connecting to the Parkdale Park neighborhood?

3Roots envisions an open invitation to the Parkdale neighborhood via a pedestrian and bicycle-oriented trailhead connecting to the existing community to Rattle Snake Canyon open space and future 3Roots parks and paseo off-street trail system. The remainder of the area, adjacent to the existing vernal pools, will be dedicated open space and part of the Project’s MHPA (Multi-Habitat Planning Area) enabling intra-canyon wildlife connectivity. Parkdale Road will not extend into 3Roots. 

How many and what types of homes will be in this new community?

As identified in the approved 1994 Carroll Canyon Master Plan and included in the Mira Mesa Community Plan, 3Roots includes 1,800 residential units. A mix of single-family detached homes, townhomes, and apartment-style homes are provided. Click here to learn more.

When will construction of the homes begin?

3Roots is envisioned for two phases. Obtaining approval from the City of San Diego and various governmental agencies is an extensive process, including but not limited to CEQA compliance, public hearings, and resource agency permits. A more definitive construction schedule will be set once all approvals are received. Click here to learn how you can help make 3Roots a reality.

I'm interested in purchasing a home in 3Roots. May I be added to the waiting list? 

3Roots is currently being reviewed by the City of San Diego. While we don't yet have a waiting list to reserve a new home, we invite you to join our email list to be kept up to date on our progress. 

How much will the homes be?

From single family detached small lots, to attached and detached condos, to lifestyle apartments, 3Roots will bring a variety of options to meet the housing needs of San Diegans at each life stage. At this stage in the process, we don’t have pricing for the homes. 

Will these new homes be for sale or for rent? 

Both for sale and for rent options will be available. 

What is affordable housing?

Each municipality is required by law to provide affordable housing for low-income residents. Affordable Housing qualifications are defined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) annual assessment of an area’s median household income (AMI) and fair market rent of that area.

How do I add my name to the waitlist for an affordable unit?

The waitlist for affordable housing is not yet available. It is estimated to become available spring 2021. Interested parties can call 619-329-4190 for updates.

What is the timeline for the affordable apartments?

3Roots is currently under review by the City of San Diego. Following approval, we hope to start construction of the affordable housing complex in 2021.

How big are the affordable units?

The units are comprised of ne-bedroom units of approximately 520 square feet, and two-bedroom units of approximately 750 square feet.

3Roots is the new community planned for the former Hanson quarry. 3Roots is planned to include nearly 40 acres of parks, 8 miles of trails, a range of 1,800 new homes close to regional job centers, new restaurants, shops and gathering spaces - all amidst hundreds acres of preserved open space.