Community Benefits

New Community Park 

A new, 25-acre

Community Park 

After listening to community feedback, 3Roots provides 23-acres of developable land to host, Mira Mesa's highly demanded and long awaited, third Community Park.

This 23 acres, coupled with the 18 acres of passive and active parks throughout 3Roots, doubles the amount of park acreage originally conceived in the 1994 Carroll Canyon Master Plan.

New homes close to regional job centers

3Roots maintains the vision for 1,800 residential units included in the 1994 Carroll Canyon Master Plan in the Mira Mesa Community Plan and will provide a mix of single family detached homes, attached and detached townhomes and lifestyle apartments. 

Responsibly reclaiming this 400+ acre former quarry

After 60 years as a sand and gravel quarry, 3Roots brings the site back to life. 


Consistent with the 1994 Carroll Canyon Master Plan, 3Roots responsibly reclaims the land for community enjoyment, including the restoration of Carroll Canyon Creek, new housing opportunities and new social, entertainment and recreation options. 

200+ acres of preserved open space

As called for in the approved 1994 Carroll Canyon Master Plan, 3Roots will dedicate nearly 50% of the property as preserved open space. 3Roots will also restore Carroll Canyon Creek. This restoration will protect, reconnect and enhance the existing creek channel for nearly three quarters of a mile.

3Roots is the new community planned for the former Hanson quarry. 3Roots is planned to include nearly 40 acres of parks, 8 miles of trails, a range of 1,800 new homes close to regional job centers, new restaurants, shops and gathering spaces - all amidst hundreds acres of preserved open space.