Maintaining the open space is an important part of 3Roots. Not only is it crucial to ensuring the health and vitality of the MHPA, but proper maintenance and brush management is a vital part of minimizing potential fire hazards.

Brush Management has already begun in Phase 1 (behind the homes on Osgood Way). The team is currently on-site clearing dead or dry brush, removing invasive species, and identifying non-native or fire prohibited plants. The team will work their way around the perimeter in the color-coded zones below.

Going forward, brush management and maintenance will take place on a quarterly basis. Once 3Roots is occupied, this regular maintenance will be the responsibility of the community's HOA.

Attention Neighbors

If you live adjacent to the property, you may have noticed that some trees have been tagged with yellow caution tape. These tagged trees have been identified as non-native or fire-prohibited plants and are suggested for removal. 


HOWEVER, we will be working with our neighbors on a case by case basis so please take a moment to fill in this brief survey.


Phase 1 – Osgood Way

Phase 2 – Northrup, Dancy, Jade Coast, Bagwell Cove

Phase 3 – Flanders, Aderman, Darden, Clauser, Tilton, Dancy

Future 3R Brush Management Zone

3Roots is the new community planned for the former Hanson quarry. 3Roots is planned to include nearly 40 acres of parks, 8 miles of trails, a range of 1,800 new homes close to regional job centers, new restaurants, shops and gathering spaces - all amidst hundreds acres of preserved open space.